About Us

Founded in 2011 the RockStarJetTeam is a virtual aerobatics team based within DCS World and Europe.

The story of the Rockstar Jet Team

As avid aviators and virtual flyers, our team was created from dedication. in 2011 the Rockstar Jet Team flew on Eagle Dynamics: Lock on Flaming Cliffs 2, flying the Su27 Flanker during our first season, later on in 2012 the RSJT Flew the L-39C Albatros a Czechoslovakia training aircraft designed by Aero Vodochody.

With the release of Eagle Dynamics: DCS World 1.0 back in 2012 we developed our standalone L-39C for this simulator and advance our flying through the year.

In 2011 the RSJT based itself at Anapa airfield and transitioned to Sochi Adler in 2012, during late 2018 the RSJT transitioned once more to Krosnadar-Centre nicknamed Alley Airfield for our team.

Thinking about Joining us?

We are always looking for new members in our team. if you think you have what it takes, please look at our requirements below and our training process as this will give you a strong indication on what we do during your application stage

  • Our Requirements

    01 System Requirements!

    This is VR and Non VR Hardware:
    OS 64-bit Windows 8/10 / CPU: Core i5+ at 3+ GHz or AMD FX / Ryzen / RAM: 16-32GB / Free hard disk space: 8GB on Solid State Drive (SSD) / Discrete video card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 / AMD Radeon RX VEGA 64 or better.

    This is External Hardware:
    Hands-on throttle and stick required HOTAS* / Rudder pedals with hall sensors or spring drove / VR or Track IR

    Internet speed and connection
    As our servers are directly connected, a stable network is required, this is through CAT5/6 Ethernet and with a stable connection of 1gbps, we require that your service to your house is also 30mb+ download and 10mb+ upload.
    Wireless applications will not meet this requirement due to interference and high latency.

  • What we look for in a pilot can only be described in three categories.

    A key skill such as dedication is required within our group of applicants and active members, this provides a safe knowledge that you as a pilot/applicant have the highest level of commitment to our team and its values.

    Within our group/team we look at one key aspect of motivation that is intrinsic motivation, to have an internal drive for success and purpose and that you do the activity and task because it's enjoyable, interesting and self-rewarding.

    As a key skill, this is where mentality meets physicality, placing what you will learn and what you have learned into practice.

  • Your profile and experience can come a long way in your time within the virtual aerobatics community and DCS World community and we look into this for a better understanding of your attitudes of flight.

    You may have come from a virtual fighter wing or a virtual solo display and understand the fundamentals of flight within DCS and other simulators.

    As it is our task to teach you upon application acceptance, we require to know a full knowledge of your past flight history, thus helping put our knowledge of practice into practice for you.

  • Our Training Program

    The Rockstar Jet Team fly all year long, training and displaying across the seasons, our main display season is winter through to summer as this is where most of our remote displays take place.

    As we train three days a week, our total weekly training time is 6 hours per week, during this time we are able to work on key individual parts of the routine or a pilots ability with the aircraft.

    21:00 - 23:00 GMT+1
    21:00 - 23:00 GMT+1
    21:00 - 23:00 GMT+1

  • Start up & Shutdown
    During this training, you will learn how to start and shut down the aircraft completely and what each button in configuration represents, the L-39C is a training aircraft, this means the aircraft can fly in tandem with a trainer in the back seat as the pilot has direct control in the front seat.

    Taxi, Takeoff and landing
    Taxing the L-39C is not an easy feat differential braking but controlled by applied braking pressure the motion of travel is dependent on what gasket is open for applied pressure.

    One of the most crucial parts to Airborne flight, during takeoff training you will understand how to configure the aircraft for departure and progress into full flight.

    Landings are unique with the l-39C as it can land at a lower speed to most common fighter and trainer jets. this being due to its high lift capability when configured correctly.

    Navigation - ADF & NS3000
    During navigation Training you will undergo VFR (visual flight rules,) IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) and ADF (Automatic Directional Finder) navigation, we use this in travel and transit to display sites and during our everyday flight.

  • Formation Flying
    Just like driving a car, your relevance to the aircraft in front of you will determine what position you are flying, most pilots feel comfortable flying on the right-wing, whilst others on the left.
    During your formation flying training, you will undergo ambidextrous flight, this means you will fly reference from the left and the right position.

    Aerobatics and power management
    The L-39C is a high-performance trainer, this means its thrust to weight ratio can be balanced when performing manoeuvres, as the l-39C can take anywhere from 8-11 seconds to fully spool, you will undergo training on how this power management will vary during manoeuvres
    Basic manoeuvres such as loops, rolls, split-s and Minimum radius turns will be taught to provide the best example of the aircraft's performance.

  • DCS L-39C RSJT Trainer Texture.
    We are pleased to release our DCS world L-39C Training Texture for DCS world.
    You can download the button below, and follow the step by step tutorial inside on how to install the texture.

    RSJT_Trainer.RAR Content
    How To Install.txt (This Informs you on how to install the Textures.)
    L-39_C.Zip (This File is to replace the Russian Airforce Standard Texture for DCS World.)
    Public Trainer Folder (This Folder is to keep the russian standard txture but to add our Trainer Texture asset into your liveries folder.)

    Click here To Download